"Análise do processo de avaliação contínua em um curso totalmente a distância", em Anais do Virtual Educa 2002, Valença, España, Actas de Virtual Educa 2002, 12-14 junio, 2002..

Autores:   Joice Lee Otsuka

Artigo (pdf)


     This paper presents an analysis of the assessment process in a course based on constructionism, delivered through the Internet using TelEduc, a web based distance education environment. In this course the assessment was continuous and based on students' interactions and knowledge construction activities. This paper presents three principal points: (1) the assessment methodologies employed to explore students' different abilities using TelEduc's communication tools; (2) a discussion about the difficulties of online continuous assessment and the consequent overload of educators' activities; (3) and the research on continuous assessment being developed by TelEduc's research group.