"Uso de Agentes de Interface no Suporte à Análise de Sessões de Bate-Papo", Anais do 5th Workshop on Human Factors in Computer Systems (IHC 2002). Fortaleza, 7-10 October, 2002..

Autores:   Heloisa Vieira da Rocha, Joice Lee Otsuka, Ricardo Luis Lachi

Artigo (pdf)



     This paper presents the researches that have been developed in order to provide a new design to TelEduc, a supporting environment for distance education, focusing on adaptive support to formative assessment. It presents the initial results obtained in this research line by means of constructing a tool based on agent's interface technology. This tool helps selection of commentaries in chats' log of TelEduc according to interests of every teacher in each teaching and learning context.

Keywords:distance education, formative assessment, interface agents, chats.