"Suporte à Avaliação Formativa no Ambiente de Educação à Distância TelEduc", em aceito para publicação no VI Congresso Iberoamericano de Informática Educativa (IE2002), Vigo, España, 20-22 noviembre, 2002..

Autores:   Heloisa Vieira da Rocha, Joice Lee Otsuka, Ricardo Luis Lachi, Thaisa Barbosa Ferreira

Artigo (pdf)


     A new way of assessment which abandons traditional model based on tests to a more formative assessment has been researched by teachers of both face-to-face and distance courses. Particularly, in distance learning courses, formative assessment has still bigger relevance, as it makes possible the ongoing accompaniment of the student's behavior even though face-to-face interactions are not present. This paper presents the formative assessment support already provided by TelEduc, a distance-learning environment, and the research that is being developed to increase this support according with necessities and pedagogical goals of each teacher.